Welcome to Local Low Cost Surveyors Covering London, Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Oxfordshire and Cambridgeshire Call 0207 118 4331  Open 9-9 x 7 Days a Week or Text The Duty Surveyor on 07764 589 804. We are the leading Building Surveying Consultants.  

Please where possible use LIVE CHAT its fast, efficient and allows us to take multiple enquires at the same time rather than using the telephone.


Sarah Smith runs the digital contact centre and other Surveyors cover out of hours or in her absence 7 days a week 09.00-21.00.


See a sample of over 1,000 reviews submitted by our customers and verified by our accountants and auditors London Chartered CLICK HERE 


Upon completion of every Party Wall assignment our customers are emailed a review form which provides important feedback to help us perform even better.


The entire file containing the signed reviews are available at our office for any potential clients to review themselves. These are real and verified reviews unlike so many fake reviews often seen online.


It's simple to avoid a cowboy, and there's plenty in this Industry, some not even being VAT registered. See our Company accounts, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Certificate of Good Standing from the Government CLICK HERE 


Professional Qualified Local Party Wall Surveyors covering London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Cambridgeshire and all of the M25 and South East. Unlike many others, we are full time Local Party Wall Surveyors undertaking hundreds of Party Wall projects each month without fault. 


Any data entered into this website is fully protected by encryption with a fraud protection policy to £1,000,000. This includes credit card tranactions and date storage, few websites have this level of protection. All our date handing policies are in compliance with General Data Protection and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") so you can request a quotation with full confidence we will never pass on your data to third parties.


Credit card transactions are operated by Square International Ltd. FCA regulated number 900846 for your security giving you full protection under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.  




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We have local Surveyors in your area who can offer a same day service if required. Most readers will know some Surveyors see the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 as an opportunity to enhance their renumeration by overcharging, providing poor and slow service. We are different, full time, qualified, Local Party Wall Surveyors, providing same day service if required and Notices served within hours, full service including Notice, schedule of condition and published Award within 24-48 hours if required.


No domestic development too small or commercial too large. We have extensive commercial experience as specialist Chartered Building Consultants. 


If you are an Adjoining Owner and the Building Owner has commenced works without formal notification we can represent you, and even seek an injunction to stop the works proceeding until legal formalities are complete. 


We will always represent, and accept an appointment, from an Adjoining Owner, completely free of any charge. 


We will also work as the "Agreed Surveyor" for all parties and costs are indicated below. Always talk to your neighbour when considering development works involving excavation within three metres of an Adjacent structure or in the case of basements six metres. Any structural work, loft conversion, raising a party wall, underpinning etc also requires formal notification under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. 


We are experts in all matters relating to Party Wall or structural works. Obtain a quotation today.  


We urgently require Party Wall Surveyors and Assistant Surveyors please email your CV to info@ricspartywallsurveyors.co.uk marking the subject box "CV". 


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Online Quotation Request 


Our transparent Fixed price packages for Notice, Survey and Award are as follows from:  


£695.00 + VAT 1 Neighbour as Agreed Surveyor.


£995.00 + VAT 2 Neighbours as Agreed Surveyor.


£1295.00 + VAT 3 Neighbours as Agreed Surveyor.


£1495.00 + VAT 4 Neighbours as Agreed Surveyor.


£1895.00 + VAT 5 Neighbours as Agreed Suureyor. 



Party Wall Notices served £49.00 + VAT Each 


Schedule of Conditions from £450.00 + VAT 


Our qualified professional service helps you create your ideal home safely and securely.


Call  0207 118 4331,  07764 589804 or submit a request   Online Quotation Request 


Open  9am - 9pm  Monday - Sunday 


Appointed Party Wall Surveyors for many London Borough Councils and housing associations. 


Ability to undertake Substantial Commercial projects. 


Underpinning, temporary support and structural repair experts. To include drafting calculations. 


All Surveyors hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and liability to £1,000,000.   


Fixed fee from £695.00 + VAT for Notices, Schedule of condition and publishing the Award all undertaken by a skilled and qualified professional Chartered Building Consultants.  


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This is compared to other companies who may try and charge you up to £2000 for exactly the same service. 


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